Exterior Detailing Services

Exterior Cleaning and Detailing

Cleaning and waxing the exterior of your car not only makes it look better, it also makes your vehicle safer and easier to drive. Visibility and tire traction can be improved by an exterior cleaning, and waxing can buff away minor scratches, protect against inclement weather and damage, and give your paint an extraordinary shine.


Exterior Wash ($25)

Get rid of the pollen, snow, salt, sand, and dirt that can cloud up your windows and ruin your paint. Includes a hand wash and chamois dry cleaning of exterior windows and body, cleaning of wheels and tires, and dressing of tires.

Hand Wax ($35)

Hand waxing not only gives your vehicle a brilliant shine; it also protects your paint against scratches and weather. We use a gentle wax and hand buffing to protect and enhance your vehicle’s surface and a power buffer to remove minor imperfections and scratches.

Headlight Restoration ($50)

Headlight restoration aids in maintaining or reconditioning your headlights’ brightness—essential for nighttime or poor weather driving. Foggy or dim headlights can even cause your vehicle to fail its yearly state inspection, so call us to avoid a rejection sticker or the sometimes hefty costs associated with replacing your headlights.